JAMES SCHWARTZ is the author of In Pursuit of the Gene: From Darwin to DNA, published by Harvard University Press, which was named one of Amazon.com's Best Science Books of 2008.  His writing has also been published in Lingua Franca, Poets & Writers, The Scientist and Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, and has been included in Best American Science Writing 2001, and Quick Studies: The  Best of Lingua Franca.  Jim recently served as Editor of the first English language edition of The Dawn of Human Genetics by V.V. Babkov, an historical and scientific anthology of key texts from the Russian eugenic movement and the beginnings of human genetics.  Cold Spring Harbor Press published this landmark volume in March 2013 with a preface by James Schwartz.  He is currently at work on a new non-fiction book about genetics.


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The Dawn of Human Genetics has just been published by Cold Spring Harbor Press.  To read the book's preface and the introduction by James Schwartz, click here, and to learn more details about this landmark book and its contents, click here.